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Oh Be Careful, Little Eyes

I turn my head, but do not see,

For mine own eyes hath run from me

Down darkened halls, fluorescents on

Switches flipped and light still gone.

Inside my mind, I almost feel

The stirred up dust beneath my heel,

And yet I cannot find a broom,

For now a darkness, near me, looms.

Mine eyes keep pace, one to the other

I, still running, by darkness smothered.

Who cut the wires? Where is the floor?

I want to see, yet see no more!

List! My assailants pick up speed

Forgoing service to my need.

Without my eyes I strongly sense

That presence, through this fog, so dense.

The looming presence to my rear,

With every stride, doth grow more near,

And in the stranger’s hands do lie

My once deceiving, traitorous eyes.

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