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Your Memory

Your memory is my ever-present companion;

At first that person was allowed to tag along,

If only for the mind-numbing conversations offered,

Which kept my mind from the fact that he is your sorry replacement.

Sorry, indeed.

I’m sure you are.

Now, however, he is only a reminder of your aching absence.

What is he, a pebble, to fill the pit left?

I’d much rather silence at this point.

I wonder, if I bound and gagged him, would you come to his rescue?

Would you rush to remind me of the facts, as it were, the truth of who bears the fault of our demise?

Hateful, though your words may be,

I feel I may favor your scorn over your silence.

Hell hath no fury like the emotionally stunted, confused and argumentative.

What a pair we made!

I am resigned to content myself with your replacement,

Your memory,

My chain-linked follower,

My ever-present companion.

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